October 6, 2013

 Since there were not enough Board Officers in attendance at the Annual General Meeting on Labor Day weekend to make a quorum, a new meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 1:00 PM at the park. This will stand as the official notification of all members in good standing as per our Bylaws with the exception of the few members who have requested their notifications be received in writing.

 The request for bids for snow plowing are being accepted. An ad will be placed in the Pocono Record.

 Again a reminder to all property owners, please cut back any overgrowth of branches or bushes from your property onto/over roadways that would interfere with snow plowing.

 Please notify the Board of any road surface areas in need of repair for consideration in next year's work assignment.

 In order to comply with the Monroe County Emergency regulations, we have new street and stop signs to install. We are trying to do the work ourselves with volunteers in order to save money by not hiring a contractor. Anyone who could volunteer to help the crew would be greatly appreciated. Just leave a message on the office machine with your name and contact info. Our last resort would be to make the property owners on each block responsible for the installation of their own signage.

 The bills for Dues & Assessments will be coming out in January. Your prompt payment would be greatly appreciated so we can keep up with our largest monthly expense of waste removal.

 The Secretary position on the Board remains vacant. Any member in good standing who wishes to volunteer to hold the position for the remainder of the term would be welcome.

 The terms for the present Board members will be expiring August 31, 2014. There will be several vacant positions available. So please notify the Nominating Committee by leaving a message on the office answering machine 570-842-8681 if you would like to nominate someone or if you yourself are interested in making a difference in our community.

 Hope to see as many as possible at the meeting on October 27th! Enjoy the Autumn colors in Pocono Forest!


Celebrate Earth Day

April 27, 2012
Please join us on April 28th at the mailboxes from 10am to 2 pm to help pick up trash and clean up the neighborhood. Everyone is welcome.

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August 1, 2010
New bylaws have been drafted by the Bylaw Committee. A hard copy of the bylaws are available upon request or can be printed out from this site. Go to the "About Us" tab and click on "final bylaws" under Community Documents. These bylaws will be voted on at the General Membership meeting in September. These bylaws are greatly needed to protect the Association and its members. Any questions regarding the bylaws can be e-mailed to Thank you.

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