1431 Coolbaugh Road . Gouldsboro, PA 18424

The General Membership Meeting was held on Sunday, August 31st at the park with a great number of members in attendance. We thank everyone who came and for all the great input. A new Board was voted in and will serve as volunteers in their positions for the next two years. They are as follows:

    PRESIDENT – Keith McMaster
    VICE PRESIDENT – Don Stevens
    TREASURER – Elaine McMaster
    SECRETARY – Danielle Lehtinen

We are all so happy to have a full Board with new, excited Board members and look forward to a great couple of years here at Pocono Forest!

The Board would like to remind all new and current members of a few things to keep our development safe and to avoid us from incurring undue expenses:

  • –  the speed limit on all development roads is 15 mph at all times
    the dumpster is for normal household trash only – large items are accepted for free at the
        Coolbaugh Township Recycling site (see website for specifics)

    please cut back over-growth of bushes &/or tree limbs to help with snow-plowing
    the dumpster use is a privilege earned by paying yearly Dues & Assessments
    several break-ins of homes has been reported - please monitor for suspicious activity and
        notify police as necessary

  • There will be a MEET-n-GREET combined with a children's HALLOWEEN PARTY at the pavilion on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th at 2:00 PM. All are invited to come meet and socialize with your neighbors, see some creative Halloween costumes, and enjoy some great food. Please bring a dish to share. Hotdogs and refreshments for all and treats for our children will be provided by PFSC.

    There will be notices posted when work is scheduled to be done on the pavilion – pouring the new cement floor, vinyl siding on the building, and re-coating the roof. Please watch for notices and come help as you are able to lessen everyone's workload – we are volunteers for the common good of all.

    We will again be requesting all contact information for each member household. A form will be distributed with the bills for Dues & Assessments in January. Please take the time to complete and return it with your Dues & Assessments payments.

    The next open Board meeting will be held on Saturday, October 4 at 7:00 PM in the office. All are welcome.

    The Board of
    POCONO FOREST – still the BEST KEPT SECRET in the Poconos!